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About RealHealthNews

RealHealthNews is an independent web and print magazine about the connections between real health, health research, policy and action for equitable health care in developing countries.

We cover stories from the front line, and new tools for improving health and health systems. Above all we believe that the information flow in these areas should be multi-directional – not just from researchers and expert organizations to policy makers and health-workers, but also from policy-makers, health-workers and the public to researchers.

So we are interested in publishing the local, front line “grey literature” – stories, studies, reports, results and policies in words and pictures from health workers, policy makers, researchers and the public (as individuals, or represented by NGOs working in the field).

Researchers need to be more aware of the challenges facing policy makers, health staff and patients in developing countries, who often lack the human and financial resources – or the political commitment from governments and donors – to make care effective. Research and advice need to be appropriate, and realistic, fitting the local financial and political context – or they will achieve nothing. RealHealthNews takes pains to reflect and report the human context of research and policy.

At the same time, research and development has already created many tools – from molecular to social and economic – for improving the health of the poorest, and many more such tools and evidence for action are constantly being created, and helpful expertise gained, worldwide.

We believe that these tools and accumulating expertise need to be better known and shared with policy makers and front line health workers globally – and with patients themselves, so they can understand and make informed choices about care that is offered to them.

In these ways we aim to create real health news.

RealHealthNews has appeared in 11 major print and web editions, beginning at the Mexico Health Research Summit in 2004, with the last at the Bamako Ministerial Forum for Health Research in November 2008.

Supporters of past issues have included WHO, the UNICEF/UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training inTropical Diseases (TDR), the Global Forum for Health Research, and Canada’s International Research Development Centre.

Now unfunded but still eager to continue, particularly with the local grey literature, we are moving entirely to the internet, and the editor’s place on Twitter, @robertwalgate.


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