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Ghana: the need for coalitions

30 October 2008, 17:24

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Experience shows that people matter

To bring research and policy-making together “you have to have, as we did, a constellation of actors with a common vision” says Irene Agyepong, Regional Director of Health Services for Greater Accra.

“Sometimes if you’re only one actor with a vision it doesn’t work, but when you have that fortunate constellation of actors with different strengths to a common vision, it works. So it comes to knowing how to form coalitions.

Sometimes you need to sit back, deliberately look at the issue, realise that I’m passionate about this, at this point in time I’m the only person. But there is this aspect of this, that may actually interest this group, and that may interest that group, and if I could join with them our power base would suddenly branch out. And it does.”

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